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If it's metal, Ottawa Brass has the expertise to provide you with the highest quality of services and products.

Operating in the National Capital region has allowed Ottawa Brass to extend their expertise to the restoration of historical landmarks, such as government buildings and embassies.

The federal government recognized Ottawa Brass as a leader in restoration of both non-ferrous and ferrous architectural components.

Heritage restoration projects include: restoring the bronze doors and hardware on the South Facade/Center Block of the Parliament Complex of Buildings, Parliament hill; bronze windows restoration on the Supreme Court of Canada; a bronze and iron conservation project on the East Memorial Building. 

The Library & Archives of Canada project won Ottawa Brass an Ottawa Architectural Conservation Award from the City of Ottawa for the successful adaptive use of the ceremonial staircase.

Federal and Provincial organizations such as the National Capital Commission, City of Ottawa and the Department of Public Works continually involve Ottawa Brass with local heritage restoration work. Many General Contractors require the knowledge of Ottawa Brass when it comes to restoration of heritage sites.

Ottawa Brass is a well established metal specialist within the antique and collectibles community for repairs and restoration projects. Items can be cleaned, polished, patinized, and protected with special coatings. As well, general repairs and re-plating are services that are available for both precious and household items alike.
Ottawa Brass has extensive experience in sign/plaques restoration.   Here is one of the many examples of our work.

Along with restoration,  we can also build new signs and plaques of any metal.
Ottawa Brass Ltd. approaches every restoration project with a multidisciplinary team of qualified staff, contractors, and professional associates with diverse heritage restoration experience extending over 30 years.

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